Deep Sea Astrology is Kelsey Bee, a multi-faceted astrologer.


Trained as a community health researcher and advocate, Kelsey believe in the importance of examining socially constructed realities before applying them to of our relationship with the planets. Her astrological lens is informed experience as a chronically ill plant witch, foster parent, rural born and raised white woman, social justice activist, and unapologetic radical deep lez water creature. Kelsey's astrology practice incorporates an anti-oppression framework and she is committed to uplifting marginalized voices and dismantling racism, sexism, misogyny, classism, cissexism, etc. that are pervasive in astrology communities and beyond. 


I have been a professional consulting astrologer since 2015. Like many humans, my fascination with the mysteries and planets began in childhood. In the 90s, I spent my moody teen years reading books about astrology and learning to draw my own natal chart by hand, but it wasn't until after my first Saturn return that I became more serious about studying astrology. 

Since 2014 I have completed over 500 in-person classroom hours of astrology study with professional astrologers including Demetra George, Rhea Wolf, Gary Lorentzen, and Carol Ferris. I am a member of the Oregon Astrological Association, Association for Young Astrologers, and Association For Astrological Networking.

I especially love teaching and facilitating conversations about the planets and how astrology intersects with other crafts and realities. In 2018, I was one of two keynote speakers at the 4th Queer Astrology Conference. I have led workshops on astrology and creative blocks as part of the Vanishing Point Fellowship, taught queer youth about astrology at the San Francisco Public Library, and facilitated dozens of classes that focused on new/full moons and eclipses. A large part of my astrology work aims to raise funds for BIPOC-led organizations and offer free astrology classes and workshops for youth.


Community Health

I have over 15 years of experience in community health as an advocate, facilitator, and trainer. My previous work includes project management, group facilitation, volunteer coordination, behavioral health education, HIV street outreach, and implementing clinical research trials. My experience in community health work has given me many tools I use in my astrology work, including a harm-reduction framework, a social ecological model of health and wellness, professional training in trauma-informed care and motivational interviewing, the impact of systems of oppression on our individual behavior, and a strong interest in making sense of complex patterns.

  • M.P.H. from University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health, 2013

  • B.A. in Community Health from San Francisco State University, 2008