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Reclaim & Revolt!

RECLAIM & REVOLT connects people with their personal power for 2018. This program aims to NOT give you a set of foods to eat and exercise routines to complete. Instead it offers insight into many different kinds of health (physical, emotional, spiritual, digestive, social, etc) and exercises to strengthen them all. It acknowledges that when one area of health is extremely strong, other areas may suffer. It builds our psychic muscles to handle the tension of a constantly shifting idea of health emphasis and encourages you to balance as best you can while telling perfectionism to fuck right off.

This collaboration between Lacy Davis (author, podcaster, lifting coach), Hannae Syd (herbalist), Erin Aquarian (tarot, intuitive healer) and Kelsey Branca (astrologer) offers daily Monday thru Friday emails with tips, resources, and guidance, as well as opportunities to connect with other participants.