Remote Readings

Remote readings are astrology readings from the comfort of your own home, or any place with Internet access. We will connect and talk about the planets either by phone or using Zoom, a web-based video conferencing program.

 Natal Chart with Transits Reading

90 minutes - $150

The "Who Am I & What Is Happening" Reading

The Natal Chart with Transits reading is the most popular service I offer. Suitable for folks at all different stages of life, this reading will cover an in-depth look at your natal (birth) chart, transits (how current planetary placements interact with your natal chart), and more.

This reading is appropriate for absolute beginners, astro-curious folks, intermediate students, and even skilled astrologers who have never worked with me before. Please bring specific questions, topics, or areas of life that you'd like to focus on during our time together.

Solar Return Reading

90 minutes - $150

The "Birthday" Reading

The Solar Return Reading includes a synopsis of your natal chart and major transits, but will primarily focus on your Solar Return chart. The Solar Return yields a brand new chart each year within a day or two of your birthday. This chart can be used to look at themes and trends for your upcoming year.

This reading is best for those who are already somewhat familiar with their natal chart, but are seeking new, time-sensitive information for the year ahead.

Natal Chart Only Reading

60 minutes - $100

The "Who Am I?" Reading

The Natal Chart reading focuses exclusively on your birth (natal) chart, a map of where the planets were the moment you were born.

This reading is great for those who are new to astrology, have never had a professional astrology reading before, and want to focus on the unique gifts and challenges that they carry with them through the lifespan.

Transits Only Reading

60 minutes - $100

The "What Is Happening" Reading

The Transits reading can be a powerful tool for getting unstuck. Need clarity about WTF is going on with the planets? Want better to understand how the current planetary weather is impacting your natal chart? Searching for guidance on how to move forward with a big decision?

This reading is ideal for folks who have a complex, in-depth understanding of their natal chart and have had at least one professional astrology reading.

Quick Check-In Reading

45 minutes - $75

The "Just Need To Touch Base" Reading

For returning clients only. This shorter reading is an opportunity to ask one or two specific questions about what's happening for you right now. This reading may include information about your natal chart, transits, and more.

This reading is best for those who have already had one or more readings with me and don't need an entire hour together.