In-Person Readings


I am deeply humbled to hold soft space for others during times of grief, celebration, introspection, healing, and transition. I meet with in-person clients in Portland, Oregon at Temple Medicine Healing.

New Client Reading

90 minutes - $125

New clients are asked to book a 90 minute reading, which will cover an in-depth look at your natal (birth) chart, transits (how current planetary placements interact with your natal chart), and more. This reading is appropriate for absolute beginners, astro-curious folks, and those who are well-versed in the language of astrology. Please bring specific questions, topics, or areas of life that you'd like to focus on during our time together.

Returning Client Reading

60 minutes - $95

For clients who have already met with me at least once before, this 60 minute reading will cover a synopsis of your natal chart, plus more in-depth information on current astrological transits (how current planetary placements are interacting with your natal chart), as well as more advanced techniques for addressing your questions.

Relationship Reading

120 minutes - $195

Relationship readings are for couples, business partners, parents and children, families, and other configurations who want to explore their relationship using the language of the planets.